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Postby Red Hot LiLy Pepper » Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:42 am

Can anyone tell what Jamie says in the Shipwreck remix? It's been bugging me for ages now. Me and Airfix came up with this:

I was with messy lass Cassie on the corner in the later slug drug drowning bitter
Despite of all the late nights, drug abuse, lost fights I swear man she just gets fitter
With the songs to the barking dogs tug on scraps and screams alive
What a wonderful world I'm high in the high street drunk on a saturday night!

My heart is trapped in a cage
The cage is under my skin
My skin is under the rags that I bought from the dog track counterfeit gyp
There's a queen, there's gotta be a king
I'm drunk on (?) looking at my Suzie
Watching all the world (?) by again
I'm an independent MOTHERFUCKER! And I'm here to take your money! I'm WICKED, RAD and I'm here to steal away your VRIGINITY!
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