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Postby Gusbus » Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:56 pm

you've got some really good songs on these
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Postby jop » Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:29 pm

cheers. i liked your ones aswell
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Postby AlienBiohazard » Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:14 pm

I'm not shure if I should post it here but since it's a mixtape I will anyway.

This is a mixtape from the awesome:

Xaphoon Jones

Don't know if any of you know him..
Some probably will..

I really like him because he has the weirdest combinations in his mixtape and in his music.
I mean come on:
Bob Marley and MGMT?
Radiohead and Kanye West?

You can download it here:

1. Intro: Fnish The Quartet
2. You Need (Clipse, Led Zeppelin)
3. Darwin Deez – Bad Day (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
4. Testify (Radiohead, Kanye West)
5. Chiddy Bang – Pro’s Freestyle 1.0 (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
6. The Answering Machine
7. Stuntin’ Like Atari (Theodore Grams, Lil Wayne)
8. Chiddy Bang – Fresh Like Us (Xaphoon Jones Remix feat. Theordore Grams)
9. Marvin Gaye – Heart It Through The Grapevine (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
10. Theodore Grams – Another Day
11. Swimming In The Sky (Passion Pit, B.I.G., Beyonce)
12. Theo’s Apple Juice Break
13. I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley, MGMT)
14. Darwin Deez – Radar Detectr (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
15. Marva Whitney – Unwind Yourself: The Interlude
16. Money
17. Bmore SoulClash Mini-Mix
18. The Bay Vs. Diz (Strings Mix)
19. The End
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Postby jop » Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:05 pm

mixtape 11

1.hot club de paris - extra time,sudden death
2.the hot rats - mirror in the bathroom
3.jamie t - northern line [acoustic] [live]
4.the turncoat - messerschmitt
5.the king blues - bonkers
6.jamie t - atlantic city
7.joan jett - roadrunner
8.the hot rats - queen bitch
9.the b 52's - 52 girls
10.john mayer - kid a
11.reverend and the makers - politics on pogosticks /the last resort
12.m.i.a - paper planes
13.jamie t - northern line
14.the kinks - father christmas
15.kula shaker - gokula
16.broken bells - the high road
17.arctic monkeys - red right hand
18.embrace - the final say
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Postby Gusbus » Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:52 pm

is that the proper atlantic city on that? how'd you get it?
i aint no abacus, but you can count on me
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Postby jop » Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:58 pm

mixtape 12


sorry but seperate tracks this time.

1.the strokes- hawaii
2.the rollling stones - i just want to see his face
3.dan le sac - letter from god to man
4.green day - a quick one while he's away [the who cover]
5.the turncoat - for a moment
6.the prats - general davis
7.plan b feat jose gonzales - cast a light
8.rancid - hoover street [acoustic]
9.mos dub - johnny too beef
10.super furry animals - lazy life
11.dr.nico - just a ride
12.gang of four - armalite rifle
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Postby jop » Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:36 pm

mixtape 13
1.michael franti - sometimes
2.plan b feat nirvana - who needs action
3.paul simon - the obvious child
4.the moldy peaches - whos got the crack
5.freeland - we want your soul
6.michael jackson - they dont care about us
7.the rolling stones - all down the line
8.social distortion - another state of mind
9.robert johnson - stop breaking down
10.barrington levy - under mi sensi
11.billie jo spears - blanket on the ground
12.billy bragg - lovers town revisited
13.plan b - sick 2 def
14.major lazer - pon de floor [the streets remix]
15.fyfe dangerfield - always a woman
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Postby jop » Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:31 am

mixtape 14
1.brighton port authority feat jamie t - same as the came
2.abner jay - cocaine
3.chemical brothers - billy jean remix
4.hot club de paris - you can call me al
5.joe tex - papa was too
6.emmylou harris - heaven only knows
7.harrisons - shirley's temple
8.bo diddley - who do you love
9.blur - fools day
10.andy & joey - your wondering now
11.noel gallagher - rockin chair [live]
12.the chips - rubber biscuit
13.desmond dekker - shanty town
14.sugarmotor - bitter boy
15.wagner - ride of the valkyries
16.elo - do ya
17.the morning benders - mother and child reunion
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Postby jop » Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:36 pm

mixtape 15
1.wayne smith - under me sleng teng
2.talib kweli - country living
3.joe walsh- new years eve
4.johnathan richman - abominable snowman
5.bobby blue bland - aint no love
6.redemption song [band version] - bob marley
7.al green - no no youll never hurt me
8.graess - summer haze
9.mark ronson & the buisness intl- the bike song [ major lazer remix]
10.hot club de paris - the rise and inevitable fall of the high school suicide cluster band
11.bran van 3000- GRACE [LOVE ON THE BLOCK]
12.rum shebeen- im an old punk
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mixtape 16

Postby jop » Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:59 pm

mixtape 16 tracklist
1. hurry up harry - sham 69
2. natural selection - unkle
3. 7 days [remix feat mos def] - dj premier
4. i cant - on a friday [radiohead before they changed their name]
5. as we enter [foamo remix] - nas & damien marley
6. bullet - infinite mass
7. sound of da police [heapy remix] - krs one
8. clampdown - the national
9. colt 45 - afroman
10. i know you, you know me - the tease
11.come from - beenie man
12.in for the kill [remix feat kanye west] - la roux
13.ive been trying - dj shadow
14.road to nowhere - linfinity
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