Sale of cds, 7", 12" rare

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Sale of cds, 7", 12" rare

Postby Lips » Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:59 pm

hi guys! i have another sale!

Order by Oct 1st. or you'll have to wait til Dec 26th when i'm back home for your items to be sent. please email for questions, prices etc..
UK no postage charge (as long as the order is over £5). US $5 for up to 3 items.
Or buy the whole lot for £150/$200 (not counting the cure, larrikin love, kate nash, jamie t)

CDS (most of these will be £2/$2 unless otherwise stated, the OOP may be more.)

Billy bragg & The red stars - live cd (official)
Billy bragg/riff raff- the singles. billy's old band.
Billy bragg- take down the union jack (3 disc single collection) (£4/$5)
Bob Dylan - live at carnegie hall 1963 official. (OOP) (£3/$4)
Bright Eyes/Desaparecidos - what's new for fall single, (OOP)
Bright eyes- christmas album.
Ghost mice- split w/ rymodee (OOP)
Ghost mice - live at the nest cd-r (OOP)
Chris Clavin/Helter Skeletor - Chris' old band. 5 cd-r copies made. (OOP) (£4/$5)
Ghost mice - split w/ saw wheel (original version) (£5/$5)
Kate Nash - all singles on 7" and CD (OOP) (£2/$4)
Jamie T - ALL singles on 7" and CD including EPs & Sheila promo cd (OOP) (£2/$4)
Lycka Till - s/t (£4/$5)
Small Bones- s/t (£4/$5)
Smashing Pumpkins - perfect single, stand inside your love single, untitled single, peel sessions, LULL (12"), still becoming apart (OOP).
Spoonboy - European tour demo w/ song explanations zine (OOP) (£3/$5)
Toby Foster - vegetables cd-r (OOP)
Toby Foster - october TAPE (OOP)
Toby Foster - 12" w/ evan gornik (£10/$12)
Toby Foster - 4 way split w/ super famicon, ben laatsch, redbear (OOP) (£3/$4)
Toby Foster - on moving and standing still (£4/$5)
The Max Levine Ensemble- how to build an intergalactic time travel machine, Mr. Gikokovich (£4/$5)
Vincent Vincent & The Villians - signed album & bad boy single (OOP)

COMPS (£4/$5)
life is easy (a tribute to real live tigers) feat. toby foster, a drum & an open window, karl blau, tinyfolk)
Lagniappe (Saddle Creek recs) feat. cursive, bright eyes, the paint
No Alternative. feat. pavement, smashing pumpkins, soundgarden, beastie boys, breeders, patti smith

Greenday-1,039/smoothed out happy hours (£2/$3)
Chris Clavin splits w/ kyle hall, madeline ava, sara cilantro, andrew lips, mystery books, waxachtte. a few of these are OOP. (£4/$6)

Bright Eyes - Motion sickness 7" OOP
Billy bragg- levi stubbs' tears
Larrikin love - a day in the life 3" and rare boxset. email for info.OOP
New Mexican Disaster Squad - Peace with nothing £3/$4)
The Turncoat - both 7"s OOP
Operation: cliff clavin split s/ TMLE OOP
Peggy Sue and the pirates - television 7"
Laura Marling - ghosts £4/$5
Ghost Mice - splits w/brook pridemore, ONSIND, taco cat (all of these OOP)? £4/$6
Jeffrey Lewis - roll bus roll OOP £3/$4
Regina Spektor - Us £2/$3
The Cure - alot of rare cure on 7" & 12", cd singles, email for more info on that.

Bright Eyes w/ Neva Dinova (10") OOP, Lifted, i'm wide awake, noise floor, cassadaga, digital ash, £7/$9
Ghost Mice - The Fairy Battle or Collection one OOP £10/$12
Jamie t - turn to monsters £6/$8
Billy bragg- brewing up with, peel sessions, life's a riot.. £6/$8
The Cure/The Glove - like an animal single £3/$5

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