i had a dream last night

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i had a dream last night

Postby Lips » Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:01 pm

the board is very quiet so i figured i may as well tell you about my dream last night

i dreampt i found out that there was a special edition version of Kings and Queens, with a bonus disc of acoustic versions of the album, and also a few extra songs i'd never heard of before. it also came with a DVD. The DVD was kind of like a 30 min movie, with music from the special disc playing throughout.

The video started off with Jamie and Ben Bones (with dreadlocks!) poorly reversing in their car up to a huge mansion, at first you are lead to believe it is jamie's house, but then somehow you discover he is renting it like a holiday house. the house is really fucking big and the front garden is the size of at least two tennis courts.

Throughout the film you get a slight feeling that something is weird about the house, like it's haunted. the music is slightly scary too which helps the feeling. the music was also really good. i wish i could remember some of the tracklistings or some of the lyrics. it sounded great. as they walk around the house, they are holding a camera in their hand, kind of like a paranormal activity vibe. looking in mirrors and such, you expect a scare

i think i woke up then.
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